Working Hard for the Money…Well Course Credit Anyway

19 August: I had my first day of my internship and man was it busy!  The office is seeking a judicial review of the Coalition Government’s interim immigration measures and my first day on the job was the filling deadline.  We were very busy getting everything put together and bound.  Then two other people from the office and I jumped into a Hack and took off for the Royal Courts of Justice.  We were actually putting the final touches on it as we bounced down the narrow London streets, but we made it to the clerk’s office well in time.

The Royal Courts of Justice look like something plucked out of J.K. Rowling novel.  It’s a large gray stone building, with grand entrances, high vaulted ceilings, and gated courtyards.  As we walked along the top floor to the clerk’s office, I was looking out the windows onto the gray slate-shingled roof and I see all these very small tiny access doors.  The smaller ones look only about 2’x2′ wide.  I rather expected a little gnome with a chimney brush to poke his head out of one of them!

After we filed, we took a Hack back to the office.  Our office is situated right on Soho Square and our neighbors include 21st Century Fox’s British offices and the business office of Sir Paul McCartney.  We’re on the sixth floor (seventh story) and have an amazing view.  My boss, Ms. Anne Morris, and all the staff are exceedingly friendly and have really made me feel welcome.


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